100g Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bag Air Purifying


100g bamboo charcoal bag is a natural air purifying, works naturally as an odor remover, odor eliminator, and air purifier to maintain a fresh, breathable environment. Works incredibly well as a natural car deodorizer and odor absorber. These non-toxic, environmentally friendly bags help to eliminate and absorb urine and fecal odor. It's perfect for cars, closets, bathrooms and pet areas.

Price C/R$2.303$2.133$2.00$1.933$0.633

Price Includes: One color one location imprint and shipping, more than 50k includes shipping by ocean


Blue, Red, Pink, Orange, Gray, Green, Purple
Charcoal, Linen
5.9 " x 4.3 "

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