Multifunction Fidget Pen Fidgi pen

  • Pen: It's writiing pen with replaceable universal ink cartridges so you are able to use it again and again an again.The last pen you'll ever need...Spin disk: The top of the spins as fast or as slow as you would like...Smooth dip: Take your finger on a trip to the spa.Slide your thumb right in the groove.Let your worries go and relax.

  • Click switch: Let your fingers play seesaw.Back,forth,back, satisfying and addicting.

  • Flip Clip: Push up on this feature and the clip will sping out.Push back down and it locks into place...

  • Rolling Ball: Roll around with this feature.Comes in Steel or Copper.Copper is known for its antibacterial and healing elements...

  • Textured Grip:Gives a little leverage when you are writing.Carved with the perfect depth for your fingers to enjoy...Click: Classin pen click.just another feature in the awesome Fidgi Pen to help satisfy your fidgeting needs.


Imprint : Screen

Pen : Plastic 

Production time : 5-7 days

Shipping : 3-4 days or 4-6 days by Fedex

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