Silicone Phone Holder Cooking Lid Holder


Multi-function pot lid holder clip, it can be use as lid lifter, phone holder, cute toy. An essential kitchen tool, keep the lid open to prevent the soup in the pot bubbles and spills over every time you cook. The lid lifter helps you in releasing steam, instead of holding the lids with your hands or some cloth, let the air flowing. The 6 different colors and unique shape make your life more fun. It may give you a good laugh for family because it looks like a little man trying to escape. Lovely Kitchen Assistant, simply pop under a saucepan lid to help prevent pans boiling over, lovely and unique shape bring fun into the kitchen and enjoy your cooking time. A practical and funny kitchen tool, order it now and add more joy to your daily life.

Price C/R$3.00$2.667$2.167$1.50$1.10

Price Includes: 1 color 1 location imprint and shipping


Rose Red, Red, Green, Blue, Black, White
Silica gel
1.9 " x 1.6 " x 0.8 "

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