Clockwork Christmas Wooden Music Box


Made from quality wood, decorated with christmas trees, snowmen, small train and other small items to form different styles of christmas music box, and a magnetic train circling around while the music is playing. Kinds of the music box to choose: wood color christmas tree, green christmas tree, snowflake christmas tree, white christmas tree, colored christmas tree and christmas train. Cute design with small delicate items running when the music is playing makes it more adorable. Perfect for any occasions/events. The music box plays the Merry Christmas melody after turning the clockwork, it'll create a festive atmosphere. Perfect for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, birthday, etc. It is a great gift item you may not miss out for upcoming Christmas!

Price C/R$36.00$34.333$32.667$32.00$24.833
Price Includes: 1 color 1 location imprint and shipping

Wood, Metal
4.3 " x 4.3 " x 5.1 "

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