Clockwork Wooden Music Box Magnetic Train


The music box use the classic mountain design was coming from the base of physical dynamics and magnets. Makes the wooden music box run in different fun movements including 360 degrees rotation and small magnetic trains. It's made from beech, and items are crafted in details that the smooth surface gives a highend sense when decorating with it. Along with the music of Spirited Away, the train rotates around two peaks, presenting a picture of a peaceful country life. Suitable for family, bedrooms, holiday party, it's also an ideal gift for friends, lovers or children.

Price C/R$36.833$35.50$33.50$32.667$24.833
Price Includes: 1 color 1 location imprint and shipping


Wood, Metal
5.5 " x 5.5 " x 5.9 "

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